Level 1 English Literature

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Collins

Recommended Prior Learning

This course has no prerequisites; open entry to all.

Level 1 English Literature is an English course aimed specifically at students who enjoy engaging with literature and would like the opportunity to explore this further. 

Students will read literature in a range of forms and styles, including Shakespeare, and write in different genres. The course covers a range of learning activities focused on interpreting and communicating ideas. Students will explore language and think critically about language and literature. Tasks include reading, writing, speaking, viewing, researching, and connecting ideas.  

Three internal and two external Achievement Standards are offered in this course, with the option of an additional internal standard. This allows students ample opportunity to gain credits.  

Learning will be assessed during class time and for homework, as well as the examination in November.




Level 2 English - Classic to Contemporary, Level 2 English - Oral & Visual, Level 2 Food and Nutrition, Level 2 History, Level 2 Psychology

English is a foundational skill, which is of value in any future career. This is particularly true in
people-related jobs such as; social work, health care, journalism, media, education, etc.
English is also useful in support of many other subject areas, and is a prerequisite for a number of courses, both in school and beyond.