Level 3 English - Oral & Visual

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Collins

Recommended Prior Learning

To be accepted for this course students must have earned Level 2 Literacy and a minimum of 10 credits from Level 2 English, or HOF approval.

Level 3 English – Oral & Visual requires students to explore language and think critically about the communication of ideas in a range of texts, with a heavier focus on visual and oral texts. 

Assessments are taken at a slower pace than in the Classic to Contemporary course. Students have some opportunity to tailor their own assessment programmes, including the mode of assessment in some cases (written, oral or visual). However, this is still an academic course. 

Three internal and one external Achievement Standards are offered in this course. Learning is assessed throughout the year, during class time and for homework, as well as in the examination in November. 

This course includes four reading and four writing credits for University Entrance Literacy. An additional six writing credits may be offered at the discretion of the teacher if students have the level of literacy required for this.