Level 2 Classical Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

Recommended Prior Learning

To be accepted for this course students must have earned 14 or more credits in L1 English, or L1 Geography or L1 History, or have HOF approval.

This course requires the ability to read and write well, and students should be also taking an English or other Social Science Achievement Standards course.

This course combines the study of ancient history, literature, art, architecture, and drama through the eyes of the  Greeks and Romans. 


Course Overview

What is taught in courses varies from year to year. This course could include:
This course includes topics such as Greek Mythology (with a focus on Greek heroes) and History, Pompeian Art and Architecture, Greek Literature (with a focus on Homer’s Odyssey), and Roman History (with a focus on Pompeii).


Social Science


Level 3 Classical Studies, Level 3 History

History and Classical Studies are helpful in careers such as a journalist, lawyer, teacher, museum curator, archaeologist, archivist, writer, librarian, tour guide, travel agent, etc.