Getting started with Course Selection

It's decision time! Actually, not quite yet.  It's research time!

It's time to think about what you are really interested in.  

We've been working hard to show students and parents/caregivers more information to help with deciding what to study next, and what further study opportunities and careers it could lead to.  

We hope that parents/caregivers and students will use this site together.  The pages with the courses on are publically viewable, you do not need to log in to browse through them.  However, Parents/Caregivers will need to log in to make the course selections.

Tips for using this Course Selection tool:

Choose subjects that you enjoy, which challenge you, and which prepare you for what you will do when you leave school. Some subjects are necessary for certain careers or other training. 

Please consult Mrs Williamson, our Careers Advisor, if you are unsure. Choose the course appropriate for you and your ability. Your subject teachers can also help you with this.  

We are weaving career planning information into this course selection platform for you.  Do you want to search for the course you want to do and then see where it could take you careers-wise?  Or, do you already know what job you want and just need to see what Kaiapoi High School courses could help you get there?  Our Job Search feature, pathways tag clouds, and linked CareersNZ jobs will help you.

Course Selection Instructions:

Choose the year you are going into for 2023