Level 2 Product Design

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

Recommended Prior Learning

This course has no prerequisites; open entry for all.

Through project-based learning, this course will equip students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing future in technology. 

Course Overview

What is taught in courses varies from year to year. This course could include:
Students will complete individual projects to address a real-world challenge of their choosing. They will learn to bring life to their ideas with the design process, innovation, and hands-on skills.

Students will have access to laser cutters, 3D printing, and other technologies using a makerspace approach with the wood, metal, and soft materials workshops.

Using projects developed from areas of personal interest, students will work through a full design process to:

• Identify an issue

• Develop conceptual solutions to that issue

• Develop multi-material modeling skills




Level 3 Product Design

Students will develop projects using a range of skills, tools, and technologies. This course combines Technologies disciplines and prepares students for an increasingly wide range of tertiary or employment pathways.