Level 2 Dance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss K. Hamilton

Recommended Prior Learning

To be accepted for this course students must have earned 14 credits from Level 1 Dance, or have received HOF approval

Level 2 Dance continues to develop students’ ability as performers, as well as strengthen their ability to select and integrate appropriate dance elements and choreographic devices into performance. The year is achievement standard-based, with a total of 22 credits on offer. 

Level 2 Dance makes a logical progression from Level 1 Dance,  extending students' dance skills and their ability to communicate an idea, mood, emotion, or story through dance.  

Students will again enjoy the opportunity of attending live performances, participating in dance workshops with dance companies, and continuing to develop their ability to analyse and interpret a professional dance performance. 

Course Overview

What is taught in courses varies from year to year. This course could include:

1. Choreographing a group dance to show an idea developed from a Myth or Site.

2. Choreographing a solo dance, showing an idea developed from an artwork (alternative/optional).

3. Performance of ethnic or social dance from a particular culture or era, e.g. African, Hula, or Charleston.

4. Performance of a theatre dance ‘in character’ for public entertainment.

5. Performing a repertoire of three contemporary dances at a public event (optional).

6. Sitting an external exam, analysing and discussing a dance performance they have studied as a class.


The Arts


Level 3 Dance

Drama and Dance are subjects that are helpful in career choices involving: youth work, teaching, journalism, sales and marketing, and any communication-based career. For talented students, there are growing opportunities in the film industry for actors, writers, dancers, choreographers, designers, and technical fields, such as costume, set, lighting design, and production.

Career Pathways

Dancer, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Artistic Director, Entertainer, Actor, Artist, Interpreter, Youth Worker, Secondary School Teacher

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Small charges may occur throughout the year for attending workshops and performances.

Pathway Tags

Dancer, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Artistic Director, Entertainer, Actor, Artist, Interpreter, Youth Worker, Secondary School Teacher


Please note that courses will go ahead only if student numbers, staffing, and timetabling allow it.  Where a subject is oversubscribed, and there are insufficient numbers or resources to create an extra class, a ballot system may be applied.  


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