Level 1 Digital Technologies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

Recommended Prior Learning

This course has no prerequisites; open entry for all.

This is a Digital Technologies course for students who wish to specialise in Software Design and Digital Media in areas such as programming, electronics, mechatronics, databases, or web technologies.

Course Overview

What is taught in courses varies from year to year. This course could include:
Student projects will generally revolve around these skills:

Functional programming (using Python)

Web design

Programable Electronics

Interactive design

Usability design

Functional testing

Using projects developed from areas of personal interest students will work through a full design process to:

Identify an issue,

Develop conceptual solutions to that issue,

Develop a final solution to the issue,

Evaluate and test the final solution and then,

Deliver the final solution.




Level 2 Digital Technologies

Students will develop projects using a range of skills, tools, and technologies. This course combines Digital Technologies disciplines and prepares students for an increasingly wide range of tertiary or employment pathways.