Level 1 Food and Nutrition

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. McAllister

Recommended Prior Learning

To be accepted for this course students must have completed Year 10 Food & Nutrition, or have HOF approval.

During this course, students will investigate various food-related topics including food hygiene/safety, nutritional needs of specific population groups, nutritional information on labels, and food and culture, in order to develop ‘health enhancing’  attitudes, knowledge, and understanding. 

Students will also explore the effect of promotional material on food choices in New Zealand and how other cultures from around the world have impacted our eating patterns. 

The course provides knowledge and practice in safe food handling strategies. Students will plan strategies and demonstrate skills to respond to challenging situations. Students in this course are working at Level 6 of the Health  & Physical Education curriculum.


Health and Physical Education


Level 2 Food and Nutrition, Level 2 Health Education

Food & Nutrition is helpful if you wish to become a nutritionist or health education/advisor or work in the areas of sports science or food marketing.